Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Code Camp 4 presentations

My slides and code samples for Code Camp 4 are now available for download. Thom Robbins did an excellent job putting this event together and getting the content posted online quickly.

Links and descriptions for my sessions...

Integration Technologies and Approaches
When it comes to integration, even within the Microsoft stack, there are several choices available: Web Services, Indigo, MSMQ, SQL Service Broker, Host Integration Server, BizTalk, SQL Server Integration Services and SQL Server Replication. This session will explain each option, cover the scenarios each one is suited for and some examples with source code. This session also serves as a good introduction to BizTalk Server and it's functionality.

Intro to AJAX (asynchronous javascript and xml)
What is it? How does outlook web access or Google maps provide functionality usually found in a desktop application? Material and code samples will cover the front-end (dhtml), back-end (asp.net/web services), tools/libraries to get you started (ajax.net) and what to expect down the road (Studio 2005 and Atlas). In addition, there will be discussion of issues to watch out for and general best practices.

Effective use of BizTalk as an Enterprise Integration platform
BizTalk can serve as the integration hub between multiple systems.
This session covers several EAI patterns and how they can be implemented in BizTalk. In addition, this session will also include some useful tips & tricks, examples of custom pipeline components & functoids in c#, and a quick overview of what to expect in BizTalk 2006.

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